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From Frédéric Close <>
Subject tomcat direct SSL
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 09:42:42 GMT

I have installed Tomcat 3.2, and configured it to support SSL, things seems
to work fine but I altough have some questions

- everytime a new client connect to a page using an https connection,
there's the following message in the Tomcat console window :
date-time - Ctx( ): 400 R( /)null
date-time - Ctx( ): IOException in: R( /) Socket closed

does somebody have an idea why this is happening ???

- my second question : in the server.xml, in the part about SSL, what's the
goal of the following parameter :
<Parameter name="clientAuth" value="true"/>
=> does this mean that only some persons can log onto the website ?


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