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Subject Re: [Off-Topic]: A little Windows Help Please
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 19:16:22 GMT

For the classpath
that should do it...

The cmd prompt window...  right click on the window title bar, then
properties, layout tab and there you go.... you can also set the font size,
color, blah, blah...

Hope this helps...

                    Steven Elliott                                                       
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                                              Subject:     [Off-Topic]: A little Windows Help
                    10/11/2001 12:26                                                     
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I admit I'm not a regular user of Windows software much less an expert.  So
I am asking those of you who are on this list if you wouldn't mind giving
a couple of hands.

env: Windows 2000Pro

I have modified my CLASSPATH user variable to point to the correct location
for CATALINA_HOME/lib.  There I had put a JAR of DbConnectionBroker.  Upon
trying to compile a servlet in my webapps directory I was kindly told that
the package could not be found?   After putting the same jar in the
jdk1.3.1\jre\lib\ext directory it is now *found*.

Am I just totally missing how to set CLASSPATHs in Windows?  This works
fine in all kinds of flavors of *nix.

Another question if you have the patience.  Is there a way to resize
the miniscule Command Prompt window?  Alternatively, is there a way to
change the prompt of the Command Prompt to not include the path info at
prompt?  All my attempts to resize horz. despite having a cursor which
indicates possibilities are futile.  I realize now why a 3rd party IDE is
necessary; to get a bigger window.....;)

Thanks for the help....


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