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From "Wouter Boers" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat at the Enterprise Level
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 15:52:58 GMT
Hi Andy,

You exatly hit a point I have asked myself a dozen of times. I did in one
project use Tomcat (3.2.1) for a high traffic site. It was much more stable
then before (WL 5.1) because of the leightweight characteristicts of the
site (only servlets/jsp's so I though WL 5.1 was a overkill). Later that
site migrated to WL 6.0 due to a complete rebuild of the application
involving beans as well. (stability went down the drain but that was due to
poor programming by the of the off-shore team and bugs did hit in WL 6)

In the mean time, the ideal archirecture and the most robust seems to be:

     load balacer
reverse cache/web accelarator (1+)
apache (or any other webserver) (1+)
application server (tomcat if only Servlets/JSP's are involved or WebLogic
or WebSphere or Jrun) (1+)
Dabase server (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server....) (1+)

The application servers represent my exact preference in that order. The
generated webpages (like servlets and jsp) have to be stateless of course
(hidden fields are your friends) to be able to cache them but with a lot of
pages, that is true or semi true. (refreshing them every 5 minutes is recent
enought in a lot of cases). This very significantly reduces the load on the
application server(s) (in my case, from 60% to 10-15%).

The main problem I had so far is too confince the 'managers' of the client
that a $0 product could compete (in some cases) against a $150.000 product.
That seams to be hard to believe for some people. Especially when the
product itself has lots of nice presentations and marketing while in fact at
least 25% of WL is 'borowed' from open source. And of course the 'I want ot
call someone and give me support and shout against when something goed wrong
syndrome' that managers have.

So my personal option is very simple, Yes you can use tomcat if you are
stricly serving only servlets/jsp's by tomcat. Anything more and you need to
switch to enterprise level of product. So where do I place my bet ;)


-----Original Message-----
From: Andy Freeborough []
Sent: 08 October 2001 16:48
To: tomcat-user
Subject: Tomcat at the Enterprise Level


   Is Tomcat a viable solution for enterprise level java based application
deployment and
   are there any performance/reliability details of Tomcat in use in the
real world?


I've been using Tomcat/Apache for some time now as a development environment
for Java based web applications before deploying to some of the more
enterprise level application servers such as WebSphere, JRun (ugh) and

I actually much prefer working with Tomcat as a servlet container, and only
use the 'big boys' for EJB development and final deployment.

One possible project I have coming up that I'll be responsible for
technically involves a relatively small application linking to an Oracle
database with some 200GB of data growing to just under an estimated 1TB over
the next few years.  High bandwidth, relatively high number of concurrent
users, co-location, high availabilty, etc. are all involved.

Is Tomcat yet a viable option for such a project?  What are people's
experiences with Tomcat in the commercial/enterprise environment?  Should I
play it safe with something like WebSphere or gamble?!

You decide in the programmer job loss challange... bet now!  ;-)

Any thoughts / opinions / experience would be much apprecieted.  Thanks,

- Andy.

"Damn you I am a Lion!"

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