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From "Christian Ribeaud" <>
Subject [tomcat3.2] some questions
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 12:55:55 GMT

I have been working for a few months with tomcat and I am very satisfied with it.
I have been arrived at the point where I would like to understand this software more and I
have got 
3 questions:
1) I noticed that if you use ServletContext.setAttribute() in the servlet's init() function,
this Object
   will not be reachable in the same servlet's service() function. Why this?
2) In one servlet context you could have more than one instance of the same servlet, couldn't
   Will the function init() be called for every instance?
3) If I define the value of a static class variable in the init() function,
   will this variable always have the same value, I mean for every instance of the class?
I would be very grateful if someone could answer me. Have a nice day.


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