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From Pedro Muñoz <>
Subject RE: HELP ME!!! How can i make mapping Apache w/ Tomcat?
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 13:49:15 GMT
Sorry, i try to explain better:

I have my own domain (simuled by DNS, called for example,
when I write the URL: I connect to my TomCat's application, but in this
moment the URL of web server changes to the URL of Tomcat
(http://localhost:8080/mydir/mypage.jsp), you known what I mean?, i'll wish
that in every moment the user can view the URL of the web server, is like an
alias, really under the URL of web server there is a URL of web server, but
i want this other: when Tomcat resolves the request inmediately must show
again the url of the web server where the request was before called, sorry,
i think my english is not enought good, i hope that this explain is better
for all.
Finally, the question is: How can i make mapping Apache->Tomcat->Apache

FOR Apache TO Tomcat: i write news lines in httpd.conf (i send u the full
file, cause i don't known the lines that may need).

FOR Tomcat TO Apache: ??????? (i don't known how make it)

An example:
when i write send request to
http://localhost:8080/mydir/mypage.jsp, (in this moment i can see in the
URL's direction of my browser this URL: http://localhost..., i don't want
this) but now... when tomcat process the request, MUST REDIRECT TO the web
server and show again in the URL's direction of my browser.

(Thanks JB)

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