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From "pero" <>
Subject errorpage and attributes
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 13:22:59 GMT

I am using an error-page withing my web-app. I am using the
page:errorPage="mypage" directive to tell my jsps where the error-page is.
Everything works fine. The errorpage is reached whenever an exception is
raised within a jsp.
But I wonder, how can I determine which jsp caused the error? It seems that
there's only the implicit variable "exception".
While searching the mailinglist I found out, that there's a second way to
define an errorpage using the <error-page> element within web.xml. According
to the documentation I found there should be some Request-Attributes defined
after my errorpage has been called, like:
javax.servlet.error.status_code java.lang.Integer
javax.servlet.error.exception_type java.lang.Class
javax.servlet.error.message java.lang.String
javax.servlet.error.exception java.lang.Throwable
javax.servlet.error.request_uri java.lang.String
javax.servlet.error.servlet_name java.lang.String
(this is according to servlet spec 2.3 chapter 9.9.2)
But in my error-jsp all these attributes are null (not set). Doesn't this
mechanism work for jsps?

thanks in advance,

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