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From "Corey Holzer" <>
Subject I need to fix Tomcat 4.0 Locks and Crashes
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 04:16:37 GMT
My company plans to launch an application for a major client in less than 3 
weeks.  We developed one facet of the application with servlets running on 
Tomcat.  Within the last few days, as we have been stress testing the site, 
we have been experiencing problems with Tomcat 4.0.  The problems are taking 
two forms:

1. The process completely disappears.

2. The process continues to run, but, tomcat stops returning data.

Tomcat is running on a Sunfire 280 with SunOS 2.8, fully patched.  Other 
than sendmail, ssh and sftp there is little or nothing running on the 
server.  Tomcat is running on port 80 as users were experiencing access 
problems with the site while tomcat ran on port 8080 (a result of firewall 

I am looking for any assistance someone could provide in resolving the 
problem.  We already have our developers reviewing the servlets.  I am 
charged with making sure that we have done everything that can be done from 
the standpoint of the server.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.


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