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From "Michael" <>
Subject Re: set SessionID (PLEASE HELP)
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 14:37:15 GMT

I don't want to generate my own unique sessionID, but:
I get the sessionID from getSession(), then I don't want to use cookies nor rewriteURL()!!!
I want to hide the sessionID in an encoded GET-variable and do a request like:

1st request:
getSession().getID() -> 1234567
encode 1234567 to abcdefg
new link to a servlet: http://localhost/myServlet?MySessionID=abcdefg

2nd request:
when I process the incoming request, I decode "abcdefg" to 1234567
set 1234567 to the request's sessionID <--- this is what I want!!!!

now "HttpSession session=req.getSession()" would work like having the sessionID sent via a

any idea???

>The sessionID is an internal identifier assigned and used by the
>web server (typically).  Maybe you want to consider using your own
>session variable with a different name, that you can assign and control
>manually?  It would be your responsibility to guarantee uniqueness,
>but that's usually not a big hassle, and the flexibility is worth it.
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have to set the sessionID manually - how to do it???
>> I want to extract the sessionID from an encoded POST- or GET-variable, and
>> want my session to bind to it!!!
>> thanks
>> michi
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