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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject Tomcat 4 RPMs available
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 19:13:29 GMT
At least and after fixing license problem

- tomcat-v4.0
- to avoid license problem both source and binary are included in the source
  we use binary tarball to get required jar, jndi, mail, jta...
- Java Managment Extension, jmx is included in source rpm for build purpose
  won't be installed in binary rpm again for license problem.
- many RPM enhancements from suggestion from Keith Irwin
  Nicolas Mailhot <> and Jun Inamori. A big
  to all of them
- tomcat run as nobody (finally) in init.d.
  BE CAREFULL NOW WHEN running tomcat as root (in interactive mode for
  since you could then make some files unreadable
- a config file is available for init.d script tuning, tomcat.conf, in
- no external parser is required since crimson (jaxp 1.1) is now included
- this RPM is still not FHS, need some reworks...
- no external parser is required since crimson (jaxp 1.1) is now included
- built under Redhat 6.2 with updates, jikes 1.15, IBM JDK 1.3
(cx130-20010626), jsse 1.0.2

/usr/bin/tomcat4 is a wrapper to make tomcat4 run as nobody !

mod_webapp RPM to be released soon but for Apache 1.3 (eapi) only
since I couldn't get it compile with Apache 2.0

Henri Gomez                 ___[_]____
EMAIL :        (. .)                     
PGP KEY : 697ECEDD    ...oOOo..(_)..oOOo...
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