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From "Brandon Cruz" <>
Subject Best version of tomcat?
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 14:40:23 GMT
Does anyone have any opinion or experience as to what is the easiest to
install, most stable, and most bug free release of Tomcat to date?  I am
currently using Tomcat 3.2.1 with over 20 virtual hosts connected from
Apache.  I know Tomcat 4.0 is good, but I have seen several messages about
getting webapp and stuff to work properly.  What I am really looking for is
a way to run another tomcat on the same linux machine, connected to the same
apache server, but running a couple different versions of my webapp,
depending on when each virtual host signs up for the service.  So to

1)Most stable, bug free, and easiest to install version of tomcat with
Apache on Linux
2)Will this be easy to install another Tomcat, run it on the same machine,
connected to the same Apache server, and will mod_jk know to redirect to the
appropriate Tomcat where the virtual host is listed in server.xml
3)If I have 30 virtual hosts, can 10 of them use version X.1, 15 use X.2,
and 5 use X.3?  Only 3 webapps, which they all share?

I have been looking into documentation, but need to know what version's
documentation to start with in the first place.  Thanks in advance for your


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