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From "Brandon Cruz" <>
Subject Are these things possible?(long)
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 15:19:51 GMT
I currently have a Linux machine with 25 virtual hosts on Apache that all
connect to one application residing in the $tomcat_home$/classes directory
in a tomcat 3.2.1 installation.  Over the next few months, we are adding
many more virtual hosts, and the version of the application will be changing
constantly as well.  I need to find a good way to handle this, since putting
everything inside $tomcat_home$/classes is obviously not a good way to do

Is it possible for me to continue using that machine and install a newer
version of tomcat (or the same one if recommended) that will connect to the
same Apache server, and will Apache know which version of tomcat to forward
each virtual host's requests to based on the domain name?

When installing another version of tomcat on the same machine, will I run
problems when setting things like $tomcat_home$?

Can each virtual host use apache/vhosts/hostname/httpdocs/... for the .jsp
files, and keep .class and .jar files inside
$another_tomcat_home$/webapps/versionX.x/web-inf/classes?  Is there a way to
specify which vhost uses which webapp?

If someone can please advise me as to which of these things can be
accomplished and what version of tomcat I would need for this, it would be
EXTREMELY helpful for me!

Thanks in advance!


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