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From "Carlo Sorda" <>
Subject login from home page
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 17:25:05 GMT
I have this situation:

I have an Home Page, in my home page there are two text box for input login
and password.
What can I do for authenticate a user and go to a protect area.
My protect area is configured whit:
>         <auth-method>FORM</auth-method>
>         <form-login-config>
>             <form-login-page>/admin/login.jsp</form-login-page>
>             <form-error-page>/admin/loginerror.jsp</form-error-page>
>         </form-login-config>
>     </login-config>

When I direct go in http://localhost/admin/ my login.jsp appear and all OK,
but nothing do to when I insert name and password on my home page.
What can I do? There is a solution?
Thanks, Carlo Sorda

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