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From felix <>
Subject httpd > MaxClients crashes !!!!!
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 03:19:38 GMT

help !  I have inherited a tomcat 3. system which keeps locking up.

apache's httpd.conf sets MaxClients to 255 ( i also tried 150 ).  when it
hits that (256 actually), I see a lot of broken pipes in the logs ( people
giving up ? ), then the server, both apache and tomcat, does not return web
content at all, or only partial pages.

i have to shut down tomcat, apache, start up apache, tomcat. i have to get
up every morning and watch and restart tomcat.  this sucks.

i would think that requests would get queued, dealt with, and normal service

i am cleaning up the efficiency, but why should the server not survive this
overload ? shouldn't it just 503 until it gets its shit together ?

i realize that most of the tomcat users list is unanswered questions, and i
promise to answer questions as soon as i know what the f*&(*& is going on !
( i answer plenty of questions on other lists, does it come back around ?? )

tomcat 3.2 
apache 1.3 ?

thanks !

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