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Subject Re: problems on integration Apache 1.3 and tomcat 4.0 under NT
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 00:26:18 GMT
	Thank you for reply and I found this reply from archive. For some
reason, I did not receive your reply and actually I did not receive nothing
since last Thursday, that why I keep posting my question.  

Sorry to everyone for this repeating question but I really need your help.

From: Pier Fumagalli 
 Subject:  Re: problems on integration Apache 1.3  and tomcat 4.0 under NT
     envir onment
 Date:  Wed, 24 Oct 2001 01:15:17 +0100 at wrote:

 > Hi, there,
 > Here is the problem:
 > I succeed install Apache 1.3 and tomcat 4.0.  it works fine
 > Now I am trying to integrate them together as following:
 > 1) downloaded mod_webapp...for win32 and unzipped
 > 2) copied and libaper.dll to the module directory
 in Apache
 > 3) edit configuration file of Apache and problems appear here:
 > A. add a line of :
 > LoadModule webapp_module modules/
 > AddModule  webapp_module mod_webapp.c
 > B. run the program of test configuration and it returns:
 > Cannot add module via name 'mod_webapp.c': not in list of
 > loaded modules

 Did you put the two lines at the right places? The first one after
 all the
 "LoadModule" directives and the second one after "ClearModuleList"
 and all
 other "AddModule" ???

	Yes, I did but it won't allow mw to add Module.

 > C. If I comments out the line" AddModule mod_webapp.c" and run
 > configuration, it returns Syntax OK.
 > Q: Can we leave this line commenting out?  If no, what to
 > do?
 > D. with the above item C (commenting out), I added the
 > WebAppConnection warpConnection warp localhost:8008
 > webAppDeploy examples warpConnection /examples/
 >    and run the test configuration, it returns:
 > Invalid virtual host name
 > Q: I did not edit virtual host name, why it says invalid?
 > How to solve this problem?

 Add a "ServerName" directive in httpd.conf (or comment out the one

	I am a kind of beginner, could you give more details?  By the way,
where should these two line should be placed?  the end of all text?

 > E. For win32, do we need mod_jserv file in the modules
 directory of
 > Apache? If yes, where can I find a built mod_jserv file? is the
 > "libaper.dll" a equivalent of mod_jserv?

 Nope, you don't need mod_jserv.


 > Thank you very much for help.
 > Bin

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