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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>
Subject RE: URGENT - Tomcat Crashing Frequently Dr. Watson Error
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 14:23:11 GMT
This is a problem in JDBC-ODBC Bridge.., asked and answered so many
times.., result was..

JDBC-ODBC is not for production !! or any serious use!!!

In either case never a crash in the JVM can be caused by a Java
program.., it's ever a problem in native parts.., the JDBC-ODBC bridge
in your case..

Saludos ,
Ignacio J. Ortega

> -----Mensaje original-----
> De: Shah, Chintan V (Chintan) []
> Enviado el: jueves 18 de octubre de 2001 16:15
> Para: ''
> Asunto: URGENT - Tomcat Crashing Frequently Dr. Watson Error
> Importancia: Alta
> Hi All,
> I'm new to this mailing group. I need some help. 
> I'm using Apache 1.3.19 , Tomcat 3.2.1 with Win NT 4.0 
> Service Pack 6,  128
> MB RAM, Pentium II machine.
> My application architecture is Ms-Access - Java Beans - JSP . 
> Many of my JSP
> pages are doing heavy processes like database searching, 
> updating multiple
> database tables, multiple table rows at a time...etc.
> My Tomcat crashes very frequently (Dr. Watson Error)...  I tried to
> understand the Dr Watson log file also...And if I am not 
> wrong, I could
> understand that the log file is showing faults in the system 
> functions like,
> MPHeapFree or RtlEnterCriticalSection or something like 
> that.. (If you want
> then i can send you the chunk of that log file also...).
> I could identify the sequence of actions also, where the 
> majority times the
> Tomcat crashes... One sequence is ...In IE/NS browser, i log into my
> application, then with Ctrl+N, i open another window and then 
> from both of
> the browser windows, i surf thru different modules and pages, 
> till then it
> works probs... then, i log out from one of the 
> browser window
> (which obviously logs me out in another browser also...) and 
> close one of
> the window. Then I again log into the application from the 
> open window...and
> go thru different pages and do some heavy database access
> searching, updating tables and all... and during this....  at 
> some point in
> time...the tomcat crashes...(dr watson error).
> Now, as I have gone thru the Archieves of the Tomcat Users mailing
> list...i've frequently seen people saying that JDBC ODBC driver is not
> "THREAD SAFE" and it should NOT be used for production and Sun is also
> saying that JDBC ODBC driver is just experimental and having 
> some problems
> which they are not going to solve...(sun bug parade...).. and 
> people advice
> to use some other database access, can 
> somebody advice me
> that exactly which driver should I use...and where it is 
> available...(which
> should be freely available, should allow my code to work with 
> that also
> without changes, and easily implementable...) within 
> next two days
> I've to launch the application.
> eagerly waiting for solutions,
> TIA,
> thanks and regards,
> Chintan Shah

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