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From (m akeijou)
Subject RE: Please explain this Tomcat problem to me.
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 14:02:29 GMT
Kemp Randy-W18971 <> wrote:

>I have this unusual quirk with Tomcat, and maybe someone out there can
>explain what is happening.
>1.  I have Apache 1.3.19 and Tomcat 4.01 on Solaris 5.6, with Sun JDK 1.3.1.
>2.  I start and stop Tomcat 4.01 with and
>3.  After this, I bring up, and I see Tomcat 4.01
>4.  I shut down Tomcat, and bring up the Jboss/Tomcat 3.23 bundle.  If I
>type, I see the Tomat 3.23 screen.
>5.  I shut down Jboss/tomcat and type, and I get
>can't connect to server or some such message.
>6.  I bring up Tomcat 4.01 with, and instead of a Tomcat 4.01
>screen, I get a Tomcat 3.23 screen.

i had a similar problem.  solved by switching CATALINA_HOME environment variable back to 4.0.1.
 in general, when running tomcat standalone, we have to make sure that the env variables are
set properly.  you see this right after tomcat startup--the env settings that tomcat is using
are printed on sysout.  i'm not sure why it works in item 4 even without switching the variables.
 perhaps jboss takes care of it.

>What could be causing the scenario in item 6, and is there a way to correct
>it without rebooting the machine?

if for some reason tomcat hangs and tomcat shutdown doesn't do it, i kill all java processes.
 but of course that also kills other non-tomcat processes.  what's easiest way to determine
which processes belong to tomcat?

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