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From "Frank Lawlor" <>
Subject RE: ResultSet
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 17:59:44 GMT
As a test you should try retrieving the data and navigating thru
it (using the ResultSet methods you intent to use) from a simple
bean (class) that connects to the database.  This will verify
that the methods are working properly (many drivers/modes
don't support them all - read the documentation).

It wasn't clear to me how you are passing your ResultSet, but
since it is not generally serializable (it is a "live" connection
to the database) you cannot pass it over RMI (e.g. from an
EJB).  But I would expect this to throw a serialization  error.

Frank Lawlor
Athens Group, Inc.
(512) 345-0600 x151
Athens Group, an employee-owned consulting firm integrating technology
strategy and software solutions.

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