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From "Edwards, Peter" <>
Subject RE: jbuilder server.xml
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 14:00:41 GMT
I'm afraid I answered a bit quickly. I remember now that I ended up not
using the integrated Tomcat. I set up the server.xml file in each project
and called whichever Tomcat I wanted from a batch file. I used the more
traditional System.out.println debugging method!

When I looked at integrating Tomcat 3.2 into JBuilder I downloaded the open
tool from Borland. I had to make a couple of modifications to the open tool
since it expected me to use a particular XML parser. This was not difficult.
In the class Tomcat32Starter there is also a line that specifies that
server.xml is to be found in the conf folder.

Are you using this open tool to get your Tomcat 3.2.3 integrated? If not how
are you doing it?
Are you hoping to debug servlets through this Tomcat?
Why do you want to use your own server.xml anyway - what's wrong with the
one it generates?


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From: Michael []
Sent: 10 October 2001 13:49
Subject: RE: jbuilder server.xml

This sounds good to me (and is exactly what I want)!
- BUT I can't find WHERE to tell jbuilder to take the file from
I tried only copying it to this destination and I also tried to copy the
xml-file to "$JB_HOME/MyProject/src/conf/".
but this is ignored and the config file always is "/conf/server8080.xml"!!

Am I blind and don't see the field in the preferences where to fill in the
path of the server8080.xml-file???

thank you ver much 
(a perplexed) Michael

> One technique is to have a server.xml file for each JBuilder project so
> that you can debug each project in isolation. Just copy Tomcat's
> to conf/server8080.xml and modify it as appropriate.
> Pete
> Hi!
> a little bit OT (but didn't know whereto write else!)
> I have set up jbuilder 4.0 to use my tomcat 3.2.3, but it always wants to
> load
> /conf/server8080.xml
> java -classpath "..." org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat -config
> /conf/server8080.xml
> does anyone know how to change this - or where else I could ask???
> thanks
> mik

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