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From Jean-Luc BEAUDET <>
Subject Just for yur information
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 11:17:09 GMT

  Hi all,

  Tryin' to compile with the last nightly snapshot
  with ./configure --with-apxs=...  --with-tomcat=...

  The first time i had the --with-java added but it was generatin' some
java compil errors
  that i found comin' from the warp.jar (?)
  I decided to put this option out of my script and 'blanked' my

  It then runned further since i got brand new errors concerning some
missing *.h to build

  After long investigations ( i'm not so familiar with Makefile ) i
finally got it.
  My Apache_1.3.20 Server is compile with special options.
  The make cmd had an error concerning an option not very regular; so
  after making an Inculde of $APACHE_HOME/include, it was not able to
  anything else.

  The way i found to go out of it was to modify the
  generated by the ./configure this way:

  $(MODULE) :    $(SRCS)  $(TGTDIR)/lib/libapr.a .........
                           { APXS_LDFLAGS_SHLIB='`$(APXS)  -q
LDFLAGS_SHLIB`  \   #  ["] replaced by [']
                                                 $(APR_LDFLAGS)  \
                                                 $( APR_LIBS) ' ;
\              # ["] replaced by [']

                                APX_CFLAGS='`$(APXS)  -q  CFLAGS`  \
" ["] replaced by [']
                                           $CFLAGS  \
                                           -I $(SRCDIR)/include  \
                                            $(APR_INCLUDES)' ; \      #
["]  replaced by [']

  Well, hope that'll help

  Jean-Luc :Oo)

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