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From raj <>
Subject Where to place the Login.html file
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 11:01:52 GMT
Due to the bug (yet unresolved) in Tomcat 3.x, the Login.html and 
Error.html files cannot be
placed inside the servlets dir.

For instance:
My servlet is inside the dir called "foo" (i.e webapps/foo) and is 
called "bar".
URL pattern is "/*" for security.
This means "Login.html" and "Error.html" cannot be placed inside 

Question: Where should I placed them instead?

I have tried to place them in webapps and declared them (in web.xml) as:

but this would not work.

Any suggestion would be most appreciated. Should I try another
URL pattern?

The release note says something about placing "other" files in "other"
sub-dirs but what other files and what other

Some clarity would help, n'est pas?


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