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From Vic Cekvenich <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Fast Track to MVC / JSP Framework Public Workshop
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2001 15:59:28 GMT
<!- - commercial
*Master Struts in three Days! *

    The date is fast approaching.

    Join our workshop and discover how the MVC/J2EE platform provides a 
number of benefits for organizations developing intranet and Internet 
applications. MVC designs require that you separate the presentation 
tier from the data access tier and your application be the 3rd tier.

For more on MVC click on:

This is the first MVC and JSP public training class. The framework we 
will be learning is open standard Struts. For more on Struts and related 
technologies, click on:

    You will master Struts in three days in Dallas (, starting Dec. 2nd. This class is for 
trainers who will teach this class in the future, but a limited number 
of students are also permitted.

    Trainers will be able to establish themselves as leaders in the 
upcoming technology. Students will upgrade their skills and become more 
marketable as well as learn proper development techniques.

For more information, including a list of topics and details on 
registration, please click on:

What Will be Covered:

    *  DB Connection /Warm-up with JDBC and RowSet
    *  Test Framework and RDBMS, Install Struts
    *  Retrieving Data from SQL to Struts
    *  OO Based Development and Extension

    *  Drill Down from Screen-to-Screen
    *  Data Entry Crud, Update, Insert and Delete
    *  Master Detail Processing
    *  Security Based on DB Roles
    *  Portal Tiles (build real portal applications w/ layout for
    headers and footers)
    *  Menu - Build a Struts Menu for Navigation
    *  Deployment

    You will  discover why flexibility is enhanced by using MVC/J2EE 
architecture in conjunction with a SQL database. This is the first and 
only public MVC/JSP class of its kind. We will learn to utilize applied 
technology toward solving business problems.

Tomcat is used for developing, then we deploy to

    / Open standards are an alternative to MS .NET./

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