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From Chris Gokey <>
Subject Re: Problems compiling mod_webapp on Solaris 8
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2001 19:46:23 GMT
Pier Fumagalli wrote:
> Chris Gokey at wrote:
>>For what it is worth, I found mod_jk much much easier to compile even
>>with gcc...  I tried compiling mod_webapp on Irix and I had to install
>>many different packages to get it to install.  I had the same experience
>>on a older versin of Solaris.  I tried the same thing with mod_jk on the
>>SGI, and it compiled like a charm...  So you may want to go that route.
>>But you don't need to use Tomcat 3.23.  Tomcat 4 does support the
>>ability to use mod_jk...  If you are using 4.0, this explains how to
>>hook it in:
>>I think with 4.01 all this is built right into the package.  Although, I
>>noticed there was a long thread about 4.01 core dumping, but I'm not
>>sure if that is a isolated incident or not?
> What packages did you have to install???
>     Pier

All of this packages where required just to get through configure...

It wasn't a big deal...  It is just that none of these where needed for 
mod_jk.  I don't remember why I need to install the latest version of 
binutils... But it was needed for something.


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