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From Chris Gokey <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 17:28:04 GMT
This brings up another point... I was under the assumption that if 
Tomcat 4 has been officially released (i.e., stable, as good as it 
gets!), then modwebapp would also be classified the same way?  Is this 
not true?  Should I be putting my effort towards getting mod_jk to work 
with Tomcat 4 instead?  I recently was able to compile modwebapp under 
Solaris 7 but during my testing, it crashed on me. I haven't seen it 
happen since but when it goes into production, I  want to make sure it 
holds up under the load.  Should I not be using modwebapp?


Michael Weissenbacher wrote:
> the problem here is that it's a waste of time for everyone to get the
> information needed about combining tc4 with apache, which is, what i think,
> the most natural combination. if there were at least a few sentences saying
> that mod_webapp is not really released yet and that mod_jk would be the way
> to go it would have saved many people a lot of time.
> so i wonder why are the binaries of mod_webapp in the release directories?
> i've digged through all the messages in the archive and sadly i only found
> questions and problems with mod_webapp and no real solutions.
> michael
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> From: Mike Dewhirst []
> Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 6:38 PM
> To: ''
> Subject: RE: mod_webapp
> One small point. This is a free product, and similar software costs
> thousands of dollars/pounds/marks/whatever. The fact that you don't have to
> write a server from scratch yourself is good enough. I think that as
> frustrating personally it may be to figure out how to compile/configure open
> source, it is the price you choose to pay for using it and hence give up the
> right to complain. Repetitive complains only fill up lists and make them
> less useful. If this list only had tech info on it + people spent time
> reading the archives first, before a post, there would be (in my opinion)
> 50% less volume.
> So please, think before you post! This is not a go at anyone in particular,
> just a suggestion to improve this list and therefore increase Tomcat
> usability.

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