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From David Ward <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp connector on linux - HELP!
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 18:16:32 GMT

I've seen that error when my url didn't have a trailing slash.  For 
example, "http://localhost/examples4" wouldn't work but 
"http://localhost/examples4/" would.  Go figure.  Was this it?



John Cartwright wrote:

> David,
> thanks for your suggestions and the example httpd.conf.  I'm still
> having trouble saying the URL not found. I made the following steps (and
> many variations thereon):
> 1) added "ServerName localhost"
> 2) added "LoadModule webapp_module modules/"
> 3) added "AddModule mod_webapp.c"
> 4) added - 
> <IfModule mod_webapp.c>
> WebAppConnection  conn          warp  localhost:8887
> WebAppDeploy      examples      conn  /examples4
> WebAppInfo        /webapp-info
> </IfModule>
> AddHandler default-handler .gif .jpeg
> The webapp is "examples" in the tomcat4/webapps directory but would like
> to access it as "examples4".  Can you see anything that I'm leaving out
> or misconfigured?
> Thanks again!
> -- john
> David Ward wrote:
>>Actually, you DON'T have to define your context(s) within VirtualHost
>>directives.  I was finally able to get mod_webapp working against
>>standalone catalina (but not with jboss/catalina).
>>What I had to do was this:
>>1) drop in my modules directory
>>2) make sure ServerName localhost was UNcommented
>>3) put my "LoadModule webapp_module modules/" line at the
>>end of my already existing LoadModule list
>>4) put my "AddModule mod_webapp.c" line at the end of my already
>>existing AddModule list
>>5) put my "<IfModule mod_webapp.c>
>>WebAppConnection comm warp localhost:8008
>>WebAppDeploy examples conn /examples
>>WebAppInfo /webapp-info
>></IfModule>" block at the end of the file
>>It seemed that where I put my LoadModule and AddModule directives was
>>important.  Putting them at the bottom of httpd.conf right over my
>><IfModule...> didn't work.  doing an "include" didn't work either.  I
>>had to separate them for some weird reason.
>>I'll attach my *working* httpd.conf file so people can use it to compare
>>PS: I'm still looking forward to seeing a release...

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