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From David Ward <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp connector on linux - HELP!
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 13:57:37 GMT
Yep; I'm sure - just check out the working httpd.conf file I previously 
attached.  Yes, Apache did moan until I uncommented out the default 
ServerName directive.

Thanks for the other pointers,


James Williamson wrote:

> Are you sure? Didn't Apache moan when you started up about not knowing the
> default ServerName to use and it was going to use a default?
> More importantly though regards your confusion about the AddModule and
> LoadModule directives order, the conf file hints at it, their order dictates
> in which order Apache calls their handlers (in reverse order, bottom first),
> so for example for all you mod_webapp users out there frustrated about
> mounting your context under the root document in Apache i.e.
> WebAppDeploy myApp conn /
> Apache will send all requests to Tomcat for processing, images and all,
> which is not what you want, especially if you've still got cgi-bin scripts
> lingering about (Tomcat will send back the code). So if you want all your
> images to be handled by Apache, add something like this to your httpd.conf
> AddHandler default-handler .gif .jpeg
> Because mod_mime's handler type_checker is called after mod_webapp has set
> the handler to itself (during the uri-translation phase), any files with
> .gif and jpeg extensions will always be dealt with by Apache.
> Regards,
> James

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