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From "Uniti Marco" <>
Subject Re: Load balancing explanation needed - please
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 13:31:09 GMT

HI wrote:

> I am attempting to setup a system with Apache and Tomcat 3.2.3 to
> load-balance between 2 instances of Tomcat on the same machine.
> I have read and reread the document, plus the
> Apache-HowTo, as well as trawled through the archives here and on jGuru,
> but still find myself somewhat mystified.
> Here's my understanding from what I've read: can anyone confirm if I'm
> right, and perhaps fill in the bits I may be missing.
> 1. I need to run 2 seperate instances of Tomcat, each with their own
> server.xml file
>     In each server.xml I need to define connectors (presumably using the
> newer and faster ajp13) whose ports are different from each other. I also
> need separate ajp12 connectors, again on different ports, in order to
> shutdown Tomcat tidily.
> 2. I need to define entires in the file for each of these
> instances. That much seems obvious.
>     But how? Do I define both instances as workers in the same
> file?
> 3. I also need to define the load-balancer worker. Is this yet another
> instance of Tomcat that I need to set up, or can one instance double as
> both the balancer and the worker?
> 4. Finally I need to configure Apache to connect to the load-balancer
> instance, which will then share the work between the two instances.
> Is this all correct?
> Any help or pointers would be gratefully appreciated.

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