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From André de Jesus <>
Subject Tomcat 4.0 access log DIES all the time for no reason
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 12:23:56 GMT

Access logs are very important to server maintenance and traffic analysis.

So, a log system needs to be flexible.

In UNIX (Linux), flexibility is obtainable through the filesystem 
interface. For example, logs can be sent to a pipe instead of a regular 
file. Then, a process reads the pipe and inserts the lines in a database.

With Tomcat and its default system of attributing dates to the log files 
(a very good idea), I tried to have a process run by cron that reads the 
logs of the previous day, writes them to a database and then deletes the 
previous file.

But then what happens is that the log DIES when the previous file is 
deleted. There is even an IOException in some other log files. This is 
what happens predictably. But unpredictably, the log also seems to DIE 
for no reason, sometimes.

I haven't seen this problem described anywhere in this mailing list. Is 
it because no one worries about logs, or because there's something wrong 
with my use of Tomcat?


Andre de Jesus

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