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From André de Jesus <>
Subject Re: Can't use Cookies in tag libraries ?????
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 12:12:44 GMT

With Tomcat 4.0 I have developed a taglib for visit cookies. The 
relevant part of the code is very similar to what you sent:

        HttpSession session=pageContext.getSession();
       if(session.isNew()) {
            String cValue=getCookie(request.getCookies(), 
name).getValue(); // getCookie is an auxiliary function
            session.setAttribute(visit, cValue);
        Cookie cookie=new Cookie(name, getTimestamp());

(this code belongs to a tag libray)

And it seems to work without problems.

Andre de Jesus

Arnaud Héritier wrote:

>Hi all !!
>I face up to a problem concerning the use of cookies in a tag library.
>In my tag library I would like to store a cookie on the client.
>I wrote this in the doStartTag method of my tag :
>	HttpServletResponse httpResponse = (HttpServletResponse)pageContext.getResponse();
>	Cookie cookie = new Cookie("myCookie","cookie");
>	httpResponse.addCookie(cookie);
>but when later I retreive the list of cookies, this one is lacking.
>I tried to create cookies in my servlet and it works fine.
>I don't understand what it can happen !!!
>Can't we use cookies from tag libraries ????
>my configuration is :
>Tomcat 3.2.3
>Apache 1.3.20
>Have you any ideas ???
>Ingénieur d'études
>SOPRA. Group
>EAI Consulting
>Tel : +33-1-53-33-44-74
>Email :

André de Jesus <>
TEKTIX - Consultoria em Sistemas de Informação, L.da

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