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From Matthew Boeckman <>
Subject tomcat3.0-4.0 conversion problem with JSP's
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 14:47:24 GMT
Hello List!

I'm having some difficulty in my conversion from Tomcat 3 to Tomcat 4.
Although 3 has been stable, we've never been able to get multiple Vhosts
running under a single JVM. Fortunately I have that working with
Tomcat4.0 for servlets, but now, for some reason, my JSP's are failing.
FWIW I basically kept all my old Apache configs, dumping the Jserv stuff
in favor of WebAppDeploy. Previously (tomcat 3), I had in httpd.conf:

        AddType text/jsp .js
        AddHandler jserv-servlet .jsp

and in my server.xml files:

	                <Context path="/jsp" docBase="/path-to/jsp" debug="0"

and that was about it, for my Tomcat 4 server.xml, I put the same
Context Path statement, and left the AddType/Handler stuff in
httpd.conf. So the problem is that now Apache doesn't seem to know what
a .js or .jsp file is! When I hit one of them, it just loads the jsp
code up in my browser. I'm sure that there is some voodoo I'm missing to
get Apache to pass the jsp's off to the new Tomcat setup, but as there
isn't any documentation examples (that I can find) I'm at a loss. Any
thoughts/experience/skulls to drink from?

Matthew Boeckman			(816) 777-2160
Manager - Systems Integration		Saepio Technologies
"Those who would give up essential liberties for a measure of security,
	deserve neither liberty nor security." - Ben Franklin

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