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From mathieu perrenoud <>
Subject Re: servlets path in tomcat 3.3
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 09:03:55 GMT
Hi  Larry, 

I posted this mail a week ago but I didn't see it show up in the 
mailing-list, so I post it again. Sorry to cc you, but I don't want my thanks 
to be lost somewhere.

many thanks, it helped a lot!
I wrote my own module in which the prefix can be setted.

Why did you choose this prefix thing for tomcat? There must be a lot of 
ApacheJserv users around who have servlets mount points not matching 
And prefixes are imho context-dependent. It would be nice to have a "servlet 
mount point" argument in <context> elements which could be used in the 
InvokerInterceptor to have a different mount point for each context.

have a nice day 

> RequestInterceptor is still supported, but not used because modules.xml
> provides for simpler syntax in the server.xml.  Thus, the
> InvokerInterceptor is still there in server.xml, but it appears as:
>     <InvokerInterceptor />
> The class for InvokerInterceptor is now
> org.apache.tomcat.modules.generators.InvokerInterceptor.  Unfortunately,
> it has lost its ability to set the prefix, which is hardcoded to
> "/servlet/".  I'll add the prefix property back in for Tomcat 3.3.1.
> In the meantime, you could use the PasswordPrompter.war add-on module
> as an example of how to create a MyInvokerInterceptor add-on module.
> Modify the InvokerInterceptor source to allow the prefix to be set.
> Your "interceptors.xml" might look like:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <Server>
>     <module name="MyInvokerInterceptor"
> javaClass="org.apache.tomcat.modules.generators.MyInvokerInterceptor" />
> <ContextManager>
>         <MyInvokerInterceptor prefix="/myprefix/" />
>     </ContextManager>
> </Server>
> Hope this helps.

mathieu perrenoud [iis-unil]

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