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From mperreno <>
Subject Heavy JServ configuration has to migrate to tomcat
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:15:26 GMT
Here is my actual config in short:
apache 1.3.12 with ApacheJServ
~140 virutal hosts
29 servlets zone
3 zones are mounted in httpd.conf (not from a <Virtualhost> tag) and they're 
accessible from every vhsot. 
some vhosts have one zone mounted, some have two
Mounting points almost always consist of one dir (i.e. ApJServMount /foo   
/bar and not ApJServMount /foobar/servlet   /zoneXX) and there is no naming 
convention: mounting points have name like /servlet /serlvets /script 
/dynamic /foo /bar, ...

I want to achieve the same result with mod_jk and tomcat, I have the 
following problems:
1. The doc tells that contexts can't be deployed accross vhost. Actually it 
seems to work if I put the Jk_mount out of the <virtualhost> tags but as soon 
as I mount another context in a vhost, it forgets about the "cross-vhost" 

2. servlets URLs are defined as contextPath + servletPath but servletPath 
must contain prefix as defined in the InvokerInterceptor (/servlet/ by 
default.) Do I have to define multiple InvokerInterceptor or should I use 
prefix='/' to reflect my old zone mount points (I have *many* links pointing 
to them in html doc and servlets)

3. <Host ...> definitions in server.xml doesn't seem to support the 
ServerAlias directive from Apache. Do I have to declare all hosts? (virtuals 
and aliases)

4. Well, I'm a bit lost in Invokers, Contexts, web.xml, server, xml... I'm 
looking for a magic spell to transform my JServ in Tomcat

thanks a lot

mathieu perrenoud [iis]

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