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From Clayton Bodine <>
Subject RE: Error
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 19:37:18 GMT

Thanks for replying to my distress call.  When I
startup Tomcat, I can read the CLASSPATH, and the jar
files that are needed are listed.  This is because I
have either explicitly defined them in the CLASSPATH
variable, or copied the jar files into
TOMCAT_HOME\lib.  In either event, I get a runtime
error.  Somehow Tomcat cannot find the body of the
methods needed inside the jar file!  Any more


Clayton Bodine
--- Dan Silcox <> wrote:
> For Tomcat 3.x under Windows I have traditionally
> had to modify the
> tomcat.bat file to specifically include jars in the
> classpath.  You should
> be able to see the jar listed in the classpath after
> you issue a tomcat run
> command.  I usually create a classes directory under
> TOMCAT_HOME and point
> the bat file to that.
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> From: Clayton Bodine
> []
> Sent: Monday, October 08, 2001 9:59 PM
> To:
> Subject: Error
> Hello all:
> I am trying to get either JDOM or JAXP (both XML
> packages) to run with Tomcat.  I can write
> standalone
> examples that work just fine, but when these
> examples
> are re-written as servlets, Tomcat cannot find the
> method bodies.  So, I get a ClassDefNotFoundError
> message.  The jar files have been moved to
> %TOMCAT_HOME%\lib and so are included in the
> CLASSPATH.  I am running under Win2000 by the way.
> Can someone please help?  Thanks!
> Clayton
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