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From "Bang, Steinar" <>
Subject RE: Questions on tomcat heap usage and garbage collection (avoidi ng O utOfMemoryError exceptions)
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2001 07:19:36 GMT
Randy Layman [] writes:

> I think the best thing you can do is to determine
> where the memory is going and fix your leaks.  I say
> your leaks because in my experience, Tomcat doesn't
> leak memory and doesn't take a lot of memory for each
> connection.

I perhaps wasn't too clear about what I was doing.
There is no real application involved in the tests
I'm mentioning.  It's just a simple JSP page _hammered_
by requests.

The usage is atypical, I'm the first to admit, but it
worries me that hammering the server with requests
can make tomcat _crash_ (ref. DOS attacks).

In fact, the crash is the real worry.  Why does a
single OutOfMemoryError cause _all_ tomcat processes
running under apache control to crash?

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