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From Roberts Huw <>
Subject Basic http authentication, getRemoteUser, apache and tomcat 3.3rc 1
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 11:11:30 GMT
Hi All,

I have just moved from Tomcat 3.3m1 to Tomcat 3.3rc1.  
I have been using http basic authentication in Apache and am calling
request.getRemoteUser within my servlet which was working fine as long as I
used the Ajp13Interceptor (doesn't work with Ajp12).  Unfortunately, now
I've upgraded to 3.3rc1 my call to getRemoteUser is returning null.  Does
anyone have any bright ideas as to why this might have started failing?

Huw Roberts 
T +44 20 7367 1364 
F +44 20 7367 1001 

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