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From (m akeijou)
Subject RE: RE: THIS IS HELP with Tomcat-Apache mapping
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 23:48:39 GMT
hmmm, i don't know that there's an autodeploy feature, and i don't really know how the webapp
module works.  but i'm guessing that it lets apache forward requests to tomcat, given that
apache knows which URLs to forward (via the mappings in the config file), and that apache
doesn't know anything else about tomcat beyond that.  even within apache itself, it has to
know what other urls to accept via the script and directory aliases.  i.e., i don't think
apache is that smart.  is cool.

anyway, for me, it's either i add webapp mappings in httpd.conf, or else drop apache and move
all my old apache (and apache jserv) stuff into tomcat and let its resident web server handle
it all.  i've chosen the former for now.

Peter Morelli <> wrote:

>It looks like you've mapped each webapp in your Apache httpd.conf file. Is
>there any sort of autodeploy feature when using the Apache-Tomcat combo, ie,
>dropping a war file in $CATALINA_HOME/webapps and maybe restarting Tomcat,
>and having Apache pick up the new urls without restarting/modifying

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