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From Andrew Reid <>
Subject Performance -- Tomcat Standalone v. Apache/Tomcat
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 02:00:06 GMT
Hello All,

I'm currently working at a company where we're writing a Java
application (JSP and Servlets -- Forgive my terminology, I'm not a Java

We're currently using the Tomcat that comes with J2EE, but that seems to
have performance issues after it serves about 3 simultanious

I'm currently setting up Tomcat and then Apache/Tomcat to do some
performance testing. We're looking for about 20 simultanious connections
without too much difference in response time.

The hardware that it is running on is a PIII 800, 256MB RAM, Software

The Oracle server where the data is stored is a two-way Sun E250, with
2GB RAM (I believe).

It appears that the main problem is the Tomcat included with J2EE. I was
wondering if anyone was able to give me an indication of what would
perform better, as a general rule.

Your help is appreciated.

   - andrew

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