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From "Todd Tyler" <>
Subject IIS - virtual directory issue w/Tomcat
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 20:42:18 GMT
I've just installed Tomcat with the isapi_redirector for IIS, which is
working great with the example jsp and servlet pages. I'm wanting to have
IIS serve static content, having Tomcat serve only jsp and servlets.

I've created a new IIS virtual directory called 'javatest' that points to my
webapps\examples directory. My problem is that when I browse the pages, they
don't appear to be forwarded to Tomcat for processing. For instance,
clicking on the 'Numberguess' example pops up a dialog asking me if I want
to download the .jsp page.

Is there anything else I have to get this to work? I didn't think needed to be edited, since my virtual directory is
requesting the same 'example' directory that is already set up by default.
The way things are setup now, Tomcat is successfully handling my request to:


and IIS is loading the pages when I request:


but just doesn't appear to be forwarding them to Tomcat.



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