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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Using jsp / servlets for main web site?
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 20:25:21 GMT
OK, there should be more info in the logs at webapps/cocoon/WEB-INF/logs.  
Check it out and maybe post relevant parts to the cocoon-users list to see 
what they say since this isn't a Tomcat issue any more.  Plus that list 
probably has one or two of the developers around who can offer expert advice.

--David Smith

On Monday 01 October 2001 03:37 pm, you wrote:
> I just started over from scratch and have everything working right except
> for c2. I've google'd the 'net as much as I can google and haven't found a
> solution. I've tried several things people have done to get it working
> (like below), but to no avail:
> Here's what I've done so far (from the install files to a few suggestions.
> 1. Install tomcat and set $CATALINA_HOME to the installation point.
> 2. Same with c2, except with $COCOON2_HOME.
> 3. coped the xerces-*.jar from $COCOON2_HOM/lib to
> $CATALINA_HOME/server/lib 4. Uncommented the bit about using XercesParser
> in
> $CATALINE_HOME/webapps/cocoon/cocoon.xconf.
> 5. ./ -Dinclude.webapp.libs=yes
> -Dinstall.war=$CATALINA_HOME/webapps 6. Restarted tomcat
> Everything talks on port 8080 (still haven't gotten SSL to work on 8443,
> but that's a different subject) fine: servlets run and jsp pages are
> parsed. I can even access with the /manager/ context with my changes to the
> tomcat-users.xml file, but I still can't access /cocoon. Same error:
> "The sitemap handler's sitemap is not available. ..."
> Does anyone else remember getting this and what they did to fix it? I can't
> find anymore ideas. TIA
> Heath Stewart
> Systems Administrator / Developer
> EsotericRealm

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