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From David Smith <>
Subject Re: Using jsp / servlets for main web site?
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 15:43:55 GMT
Is this on the default install of Cocoon2 (no edits, mods, etc, ...)??  If 
so, I got it to run straight "out of the box" with out a problem.  I'm using 
RC1 at the moment with TC4, Apache 1.3.19, and under Mandrake 
8.  Presently in a development environment until I can learn enough about the 
sitemap.xmap files to be dangerous, but still....

I've seen your error message before, but am having trouble remembering what 
was done to fix it.  Try doing a search on Google for your exact error 
message and see what you get.

On connecting Apache and Tomcat, you have two options -- and is the older implementation and very stable for 
production use.  Should be easily findable on one the Jakarta website. is a very new package and I'm not really sure about it's 
release status at the moment.  Pier Fumagalli is one of the major people 
working on that project and I haven't seen much of any posts from him in a 
while.  Last I knew there were one or two major bugs still in need of 
resolution before 1.0 release.

Good luck!  --David Smith

On Monday 01 October 2001 10:05 am, you wrote:
> I've been running apache for years and want to move to an xml-based
> operation. I found cocoon sported the best features (without having to move
> to IIS - God help us). I got Jakarta / Tomcat installed and running fine
> but cocoon2 always bombs out saying, "The sitemap handler's sitemap is not
> available..." but there is a sitemap file in the /cocoon/ URI.
> Anyway, my real question is whether or not jsp and servlets (namely,
> cocoon) can be served / used on port 80 (instead of 8080) while running my
> working apache server? Is this what is for? I say it in the
> archives as a replacement for the depricated, which I've used
> with little to no problem in the past.
> Any comments would be appreciated and if anyone got cocoon working before
> (especially as part of the main site running apache), please let me know.
> I'm a newbie to tomcat but not servlets nor apache so be brutal with the
> tech-talk. TIA
> Heath Stewart
> Systems Administrator / Developer
> EsotericRealm

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