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From KauĂȘ Linden - HostNet InterNet <>
Subject apache+chiliasp+mod_app
Date Sun, 07 Oct 2001 15:55:54 GMT
 I use the program ChiliAsp Sun, ChiliAsp who installed the Apache in my

 Now installing mod_webapp after the command ./configure execute the "make",
 the installation of the module search in the Apache the file
 /usr/local/chilisoft/apache/bin/httpd that there is not causing mistake in
 the installation.

 In the Apache installed by Chiliasp the correct name of the file is

 [root@cobre bin]# ls
 ab         apxs             dbmmanage  htpasswd    rotatelogs
 apachectl  chilisoft-httpd  htdigest   logresolve
 [root@cobre bin]#

 how I can solve this problem?

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