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From "David Wall" <>
Subject Re: Any reason to use Apache w/ Tomcat for webapp with all dynamic web pages?
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 03:26:44 GMT
> * If you have lots of static content that can be served from a directory
>   other than the webapp's context path  (right now, current Tomcat
>   versions serve static content within the webapp directory faster
>   stand-alone than they do behind Apache).

Craig, what happens if the images are IN the webapp's context path?  Seems
like Apache still serves them up without Tomcat, though I don't know if
there's a performance hit (like Apache asks Tomcat, tomcat says not found,
and then Apache looks for it in its directories) or not.

I know that Apache will serve up an image in a path like
/app/images/pretty.gif even if /app is mapped to Tomcat (maybe I answered my
own question, since I map /app/*.jsp and /app/servlet/* rather than /app/*).


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