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From "David Wall" <>
Subject Re: Any reason to use Apache w/ Tomcat for webapp with all dynamic web pages?
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 03:18:37 GMT
> * If you have Apache already installed, and don't want users to use
>   a non-port-80 URL for JSP/servlet based applications.

Very true, otherwise you need to run Tomcat as root.

Also, Apache itself has some nice features, like mod_rewrite that can be
helpful to handles changes in structure and such.

I guess these days we also need to know if we're talking about the 3.2 or
4.0 versions of Tomcat since there are things like HTTP 1.1 in Tomcat 4.0.
I'm still in 3.2 land and investigating whether 3.3 or 4.0 will work better
for me in the future.  The "fear" is that 4.0 is not as well tested yet.

I also recall that there was (is?) a problem if lots of concurrent requests
came in and Tomcat had to service them all using threads, whereas Apache
will stop at a maximum rather than continue to try to service.  DoS attacks
are nasty no matter what, though.

Also, if you use tools like WebTrends and such, they all know how to work
off of Apache log files, so that format of log message can be quite
important to analyze a site's usage, errors and performance.  And can you
roll log files with Tomcat yet?  With Apache you can roll your log files so
that they don't just keep getting bigger.


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