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From "Micael Padraig Og mac Grene" <>
Subject Re: taglib dtd
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 03:47:54 GMT
Brad wrote:

>I have just implemented Tomcat 4.0 on a Linux box.  I will be writing some
>JSPs that will connect to an Oracle 8.1.7 database on a remote machine.  I
>am having trouble connecting to the database with my JSPs.  The error
>message I get is:
>java.sql.SQLException: No Suitable driver
>Can anyone help?

A little more information on what you are doing would be helpful.  You give
almost no relevant information here.  What does the code look like that is
trying to connect?  Have you obtained a suitable driver and are you loading
it?  Fill us in some more.  Are you using a DataSource driver, or what?  If
you are going to connect to a "remote machine" are you using Tomcat with an
application server?  Or, are you writing your own code for that?

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