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From "David Treves" <>
Subject EJB & Sevlets HOW-TO???
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 15:01:58 GMT

I have installed Tomcat 4 on my win2000 box. The issue is how to get
references to EJB objects from within a servelt. I know that Tomcat doesn't
have the J2EE packages (besides the servlet API), so I added the J2EE jar
file to "$CATALINA_HOME\lib" folder.

Ever since it is impossible to run a servlet in that container, which makes
sense since there are duplicated packages in it's CLASSPATH.

My question is how to have the EJB API available to the container, yet
prevent that ambiguity with the servlet API?

Maybe I am doing something wrong... where can I read about it? Or can anyone
send a TODO list?


Thanks for your time!

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