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From "Nikola Milutinovic" <>
Subject Re: Webapp and Tru64
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 11:03:05 GMT
> Hi all,
>             I 'm not sure If this questions is repeated .
> I 'm trying to compile Webapp  in order to use Tomcat 4.x ( This is
> release vesrion ) now the problem I 'm facing is .
> The make fails at  trying to include stdint.h which naturally is not
> there .
> The system I'm trying to compile on is Tru64 4.0F and gcc 2.95.2
> My configure option is
>  ./configure  --enable-java=/usr/opt/java122
> --with-tomcat=/scratch/yogesh/jakarta-tomcat-4.0
> --with-apxs=/home/w3/apache-1.3.20ea/bin/apxs
> I get the following error
> /scratch/yogesh/webapp-module-1.0-tc40/apr/include/apr.h:132: stdint.h:
> No such file or directory

:-) Welcome to the club. I'm using Digital's CC, but it makes no difference. Anyway, there
is no such file as "stdint.h" on Digital UNIX and, for reasons unknown, mod_webapp defines
that it is there. So, locate ./apr/include/apr.h and comment the line which defines it. Ugly,
I know...

And then you'll run into the next obstacle, where I am, at the moment. Something to do with
signals, I'll dig into it... today, I hope.

Don't let this discourage you.

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