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From "Isak Rickyanto" <>
Subject Shopping cart with database
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2001 03:15:20 GMT
Hello all...

are there from you.. have been implemented shopping cart java bean with
database , so can display catalog from database.. and get shipping info from
database ?

I have read simple implementation of shopping cart with java bean but i
still confuse about how to get catalog from database ?

this is the summary of the simple bean ( I take from Profesional JSP) :

import java.util.Vector;

public class Catalog{
private Vector items = new Vector();

 synchronized public Vector getItems() {
 return items;

synchronized public Item getITem (String itemId){
    int index= Integer.parseInt(itemId);
    return (Item)items.elementAt(index);

public Catalog ()

items.addElement(ne Item("0","Tootbrush",(float)10, true, 100));

Maybe there are some of you have the sample real live code which implement
shopping cart with database...
and will you share it with me ? or do you know where i can found it?

I need help.......... please.......

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