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From "Wei Xiao" <>
Subject RE: [Off-Topic]: A little Windows Help Please
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 19:22:18 GMT
Answer is right after each questions, good luck!

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From: Steven Elliott []
Sent: October 11, 2001 2:26 PM
Subject: [Off-Topic]: A little Windows Help Please

I admit I'm not a regular user of Windows software much less an expert.  So
I am asking those of you who are on this list if you wouldn't mind giving me
a couple of hands.

env: Windows 2000Pro

I have modified my CLASSPATH user variable to point to the correct location
for CATALINA_HOME/lib.  There I had put a JAR of DbConnectionBroker.  Upon
trying to compile a servlet in my webapps directory I was kindly told that
the package could not be found?   After putting the same jar in the
jdk1.3.1\jre\lib\ext directory it is now *found*.

Am I just totally missing how to set CLASSPATHs in Windows?  This works just
fine in all kinds of flavors of *nix.

***** At Command Prompt type 'set CLASSPATH' and see what you got.
***** If it is not right, go to control panel -> System -> Advanced ->
Environment Variables

Another question if you have the patience.  Is there a way to resize (horz.)
the miniscule Command Prompt window?

***** Right click Command Prompt icon on desktop or menu item on start menu,
***** go to font tab and then size

Alternatively, is there a way to
change the prompt of the Command Prompt to not include the path info at each

***** Right click Command Prompt icon on desktop or menu item on start menu,
***** go to Shortcut tab and change Start in to whatever you want

All my attempts to resize horz. despite having a cursor which
indicates possibilities are futile.  I realize now why a 3rd party IDE is
necessary; to get a bigger window.....;)

Thanks for the help....


Steven Elliott      <
Head of Technology
VTV Learning Corporation
         Los Angeles  -  Boston  -  Lisbon

Wei Xiao

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