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From "Nikola Milutinovic" <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 07:43:16 GMT
> >Relax man. At least we have a mod_webapp that works! 
> Ignore the retoric from Tom Cat and look at what (s)he has to say.  The
> problem for Win32 users is that the mod_webapp DOESN'T work.  I don't care
> about EAPI or Apache 2.0.  I just want to connect Tomcat 4.0 to Apache
> 1.3.20 and I can't.  Not only are there no Win32 Binaries but mod_webapp
> won't compile.  The source libraries don't include all the "Include" files.
> Every time I try and compile I find I have to download another chunk of
> technology from the Apache site.

I thought that binaries for Win32 and Linux are the first ones to emerge. I also thought that
being on Digital UNIX was a handicap... I'm sorry to hear that you guys are having problems.
BTW, mod_webapp is "Linux-ized" to the max, which drove me crazy a couple of times. But I'm
not seeing many "Apache stuff" in mod_webapp compile. There is the APR, but that's all.

> It is frustrating to be looking for peices of the puzzle in a maze of poorly
> documented and badly designed code libraries.  All without feedback from the
> developers.

I will still give them some credit (maybe because I have a working mod_webapp :-)). I can
only hope that they will get things right, ASAP.

>  Its like building a jigsaw blindfold.   If the win32 builds
> will be there in a couple of days, then fine (some feedback on the site
> would be nice), but if the authors can't build the binaries we need, what
> hope is there for the rest of us to do it. We need technologies that install
> and work, not kits that can't be constructed.

Yes, you're right. But I have hope. If they made it work for mod_jk (although, NOT for Digital
UNIX, dunno why), they should be able to make it for mod_webapp.

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