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From "Vinay Panchal" <>
Subject Using Tomcat3.2.3 in standalone mode
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2001 08:26:26 GMT
Hello friends,

I am new to Tomcat 3.2.3 on a NT machine ( WinNT4.0, SP6a,512 MB RAM ).
Its a live server and currently lot of sites are running on IIS hence i dont
want to integrate it with IIS rite now.

I got the server running by setting the required environment variables.
All the example scripts are running fine.

Now i want to add a new context for some sites. I dont want to integrate it
with IIS and want to use tomcat as standalone.
I tried something and it worked. I copied the same example directory and
renamed it to my application context.
The new context is being loaded. But now i dont know what more changes needs
to be done in the conf files or what is the best way to go
about it. Do i need to add new worker threads even if i use tomcat in
standalone mode?

I hope i can get some help about this from someone in the list.



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