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From Dmitri Colebatch <>
Subject Re: non tomcat related question: Servlets
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 21:49:43 GMT
sure - send it over, I'll have a little look.

On Thu, 6 Sep 2001, A.L. wrote:

>  I have a problem which I have asked in several forums
> and have received no response.  Basically i have some
> code which needs to be debugged, but after spending
> hours and hours I am unable to figure out what is
> causing the problem. If anyone has some time to
> briefly look over my code, I will send a copy.  The
> problem more likely is very simple, but so far for me
> it has been a needle in a haystack.    Here is a
> somewhat brief description of my program design along
> with the problem.I have created a calendar servlet
> which includes three other servlets:a browser to
> change monthsa month calendar which allows you to
> select the day of the monthand a day calendar which
> makes a connection to a database and displays the
> events for the day. I have separate servlet which
> allows you to enter events for the time on a specific
> day. My problem is that once I enter some events, the
> day calendar doesn't immediately show the information
> from the database. The day calendar must be refreshed
> a second time.  This doesn't always happen.  I noticed
> that it tends to happen after changing months and and
> changing days, and then entering the information.  In
> other words it work properly most of the time, but
> under certain cicumstances it doesn't work. Obviously
> to understand this problem you would need to see both
> the code and the running application. Any help will be
> greatly appreciated. -Amos  
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